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We partner with CEOs to navigate growth and change.

Who We Are

We believe growth can be levered from anywhere in the organization or anywhere in the customer lifecycle. We know that rapid growth can be just as challenging to an organization as growth that has plateaued.

We create value by anticipating and overcoming obstacles so that companies can grow and thrive.

What We Do

We are a strategic growth consultancy. Our clients’ needs vary based on where they are in their growth cycle. 

tasble showing growth cycle of a company

Here are some of the ways we help:


You are an early-stage company. The product might still be MVP and evolving. There have been some wins, and maybe recurring growth. You may feel like you’re doing all the jobs and working without a safety net.

For companies like this, we may recommend:

  • Cultural framework: mission, vision, values definition

  • Brand positioning and market opportunity

  • Brand definition and development

  • Go to market strategy: pricing, sales and channels, the buying journey, product introduction to a new market.

  • Product market fit


You’re seeing hypergrowth and it feels great – and scary. You’ve got market, you’ve got product, but your team is buckling. Processes aren’t holding up and everyone is working too hard to keep up. It might feel like the team is running in different directions.

We help our hypergrowth clients address challenges related to culture, structure, teams and processes in order to support growth at scale.

  • Team alignment around vision and purpose

  • Organizational structure definition

  • Leadership development and proactive succession planning

  • Building and growing better teams

  • Process definition and improvement

  • KPI Definition


You’ve been on a steady growth trajectory and things are starting to feel a bit…quiet. Comfortable. Time to take a breath? Are you still growing? It’s not unusual to see complacency creep in. This is the time to proactively re-lever growth.

With these clients, we often engage in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning

  • Balanced scorecard

  • Customer Retention

  • Change Leadership

  • Brand awareness

  • Demand generation

  • Product expansion

  • Market expansion

  • Customer insight

  • Organizational development

  • Proactive succession planning

  • Optionality for exit

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How We Work

With growth and change, it’s not unusual for gaps to emerge. Common scenarios in which the business:

  • Is transitioning beyond the Founder/CEO and needs to define culture, strategy, structure, processes to support sustainability.

  • Has outgrown its original structure,  people or processes. 

  • Needs a strategy around finding and retaining great people.

  • Needs guidance and structure around transformation.

  • Needs to access additional markets to support sustainable growth.  


White Waves

Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Fractional Executive

Identify opportunities and obstacles, develop and execute a strategic plan.

Catapult Strategy Sessions

Intensive, facilitated workshops.

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