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We are passionate about helping good companies grow, scale and thrive.

Strategic Growth Advisory

We take a systemic approach to growth, evaluating our companies from every perspective. We provide a baseline assessment to identify needs, create a defined plan to close gaps, and jump in where needed to support successful execution.


Our clients often need:

  • Advisory support to accelerate time to results

  • Leadership development

  • Help defining or articulating their core purpose

  • Guidance on building a culture of accountability

  • Better visibility to market and customer needs

  • Definition of meaningful KPIs

  • Guidance on how to scale their organization

  • The right people in the right seats

  • Mapping of repeatable processes

  • Guidance on their product roadmap

How we help:

  • Executive advising

  • Strategic planning and business blueprint

  • Leadership development and coaching

  • Review and assessment of the business

  • Vision and values definition

  • Customer research and market insight

  • Brand Platform

  • Audience and message maps

  • Evaluation or definition of KPIs

  • Employee assessment and surveys

  • Talent acquisition strategies and guidance

  • Product planning and roadmap

Catapult Strategy Sessions

We love bringing smart people together to achieve big things.

We are strategists, systems thinkers and facilitators. We lead intensive workshops that allow leadership teams to get a lot accomplished in a short period of time.

Sometimes, our workshops stand on their own. Sometimes, they are the jumping off point for a longer, focused engagement. We help teams thrive through:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Alignment of Strategy and Execution

  • Go to Market Strategy

  • Definition of Purpose and/or Vision and Values

  • Mapping organizational structure to support expansion

  • Talent Acquisition Strategy

  • Brand Positioning

  • Post-acquisition integration plans

  • Customer Experience and Retention Strategies

Executive Advisory

Accelerate your time to results. 

We provide ongoing advisory services for individual executives and teams. Different from coaching, advisory typically focuses on a addressing a particular issue, or challenge. 

Some of the ways we work:

  • Focused Leadership Development

  • Guidance on a key initiative or project

  • Supporting the onboarding or transition of a key executive

Structured Consulting Engagements

Structured Consulting
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Understand Opportunities and Obstacles

Because there are many levers to growth, we start with an assessment to understand your market and customers, and the drivers of your business. Because people are the heart of every business, your culture, structure, talent and processes are foundational to the work we do.  

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Pull Back

Define Strategy and Structure

Once we’ve got a clear view of the organization, your customers, your product, and your market, we develop a strategic plan to address gaps and capture opportunities. 

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Execution and Accountability

Even the best strategy will fail without excellent execution. We'll deliver concrete recommendations for how to approach execution. 

And, if you need help filling a specific gap in the short term, we occasionally work in a fractional capacity.

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