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We are passionate about helping good companies grow, scale and thrive.

Executive Leadership – when you need it.

We take a systemic approach to growth, evaluating our companies from every perspective. We provide a baseline assessment to identify needs, create a defined plan to close gaps, and act as a fractional member of your executive team to ensure successful execution.


While the needs of each client varies, they often need:

  • Clarity of purpose and focus

  • Greater visibility into business drivers

  • Confidence in scaling and expanding

  • Scalable org structure

  • Repeatable processes

  • Predictable revenue growth

  • Organizational alignment

  • A culture of accountability

  • High-functioning teams

Fractional Executive

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Understand Opportunities and Obstacles

Because there are many levers to growth, we start with an operational assessment to understand your market and customers, your business drivers, and your organization. People are the heart of every business, so understanding structure, talent and processes is foundational to the work we do. We will identify opportunities and obstacles. And, for those companies who desire it, we’ll provide a baseline valuation of what your company is currently worth in the market.

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Pull Back

Define Strategy and Structure

Once we’ve got a clear view of the organization, your customers, your product, and your market, we develop a strategic plan to address gaps and capture opportunities. The plan extends across the organization and will have clear milestones to progress.

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Execution and Accountability

We engage on an ongoing, fractional basis to partner with you and your leadership team as they execute on the strategic plan. We might be with you for 6 months or more, with a clearly defined scope of responsibilities based on the agreed upon strategy and plan. Once we’ve got the team aligned and executing well, we’ll identify the right structure and role to complete your leadership team.

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Catapult Strategy Sessions

We love bringing smart people together to achieve big things.

These sessions typically are intensive, facilitated workshops in which CEOs and their leadership teams focus on a particular topic or obstacle. At the end of each session, the team will walk away with agreement and an actionable plan.

While each session can be tailored to the needs of the team, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Vision and Culture Alignment

  • Organizational Structure

  • Learning & Development Mapping

  • Brand Positioning

  • Unique Selling Proposition

  • Audience definition and messaging

  • Product Positioning

  • Brand Hierarchy and Rollup Positioning

  • Post-acquisition Integration

  • Go To Market and/or Channel

  • Customer Experience and Retention Strategies

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